Smilin 'n Stylin and Retro Pop Pickleball Paddle

Who We Are!

In 2022, the Forehand family discovered the joy of the Pickleball community in their hometown of Anaheim Hills, California, and they have not looked back since. They spend hours each week as a family on the court and enjoy watching the sport grow. Pickleball added so much value to their family that they decided to dive into the world of sporting equipment by designing and marketing great paddles. It’s their way of contributing to a sport that has given them so much.

What Are We Up To?

Forehand Paddles is currently working on new designs (Version 2.0) to bring even more fun and
color to the court. Like Version 1.0 paddles, Version 2.0 paddles will be constructed of carbon
fiber, which is selected for the durability, speed, and spin it provides.

Our Purpose

By incorporating a family mindset, Forehand Paddles works to bring creativity to the Pickleball
courts through unique paddle designs developed in California. The Forehand Paddles family
knows that Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, and they want to provide current
and future players with quality paddles that showcase personality without compromising on

Forehand Paddles Forehand Family

The Forehand Family

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